Scott often carries a sketchbook, a bottle of ink, and a crowquill pen on his travels. Here is a little portfolio of drawings from over the years; click any image to see a larger version.

Two sketches at the Orangerie in the Luxembourg Garden. The gardening crews were moving the palm trees inside for the winter on a crisp fall day in 1999 and as Scott was finishing the drawing above, a fork lift picked up his centerpiece and drove away with it! He returned to the same spot in April 2018 for the palm tree study below.

Scott and Christina have made several trips to Rome in recent years. Their favorite hotel is a short half-block from Piazza Navona which, early every morning, is blessedly tourist-free.

Eighteenth-century puppets at the Museo Davia Bargellini, Bologna.

It’s bad table manners to draw during dinner but the restaurant La Tupina in Bordeaux, in 2004, was irresistible. The ancient kitchens are visible from the dining room — cooking is done in a wood-burning fireplace; a clockwork-mechanism connected to a system of gears, pulleys and drive shafts that rotates a spit. The food was spectacular.

Scott and Christina were lucky enough to stay in this wonderful country house hotel in Tremolat, France, in 2004.

The fish market in Venice, 2012.

Scott spent a day swimming and sketching at the famous Gellert Hotel in Budapest in November 2017.

Scott quietly sketched Simone Dinnerstein playing the Bach Goldberg Variations at a concert in Stratford in 2016.

The Lisps, performing during a show at the Public Theatre in New York, 2013.

An early morning drawing of Christina asleep in Room 406 at the James Hotel in New York, 2011. Below is a view of the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Grand Street from the 17th floor of the same hotel.

Scott sketched a boy across the aisle on a bus from Budapest to Trieste in 2017; and a couple of kids at Cafe Forth, a wonderful coffee shop in Winnipeg, in 2016.

Scott is part of a weekly life drawing group in Stratford; these drawings are all made with china marker on toned paper. The accordionist is Anna Atkinson, who visited Scott’s studio for a musical portrait session in 2014.

Virgil and Homer, the current studio cats. Alway good to have paper and pen at hand because you never know when they will sit still for a few minutes.