"There's theatrical gold to be mined from the spectacle of people behaving badly. Consider the Shaw Festival's revival of Somerset Maugham's The Circle – an elegantly sardonic dissection of the manners and morals of upper-class English society between the wars... Designer Christina Poddubiuk's exquisitely detailed drawing-room set proves an ideal venue for these flawed characters to work out their flawed destinies."
Canwest News Service May 2007.

"Somerset Maugham's witty and wise comedy of manners has been given such a deft treatment by Neil Munro and his cast that it's safe to say the Shaw Festival definitely has a hit on its hands, but the greatest joy of the of the evening is rediscovering how relevant (and delightful) Maugham's work seems today... As for the set and costumes, let me simply say that when I die, I don't want to go to heaven, unless they promise me it will be designed by Christina Poddubiuk."
Toronto Star, May 2007

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